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LCM45M - In a league of its own when it comes to milling stainless steel

Boehlerit, the alliance partner of LMT, has developed a unique, innovative cutting grade for the milling of stainless materials. An ultra-fine grain substrate with high cobalt content is used for the new milling indexable inserts LCM45M (ISO application range M40 toM45). The substrate provides the necessary machining properties such as toughness and wear-resistance. While the high cobalt content prevents chipping, the ultra-fine grain ensures good edge stability. The significant performance increase is also due to the innovative layer used. The high energy input of the coating has led to a new, extremely fine-grained AlTiN layer whose break resistance has been significantly enhanced among other developments. The unique crystal density of the nano-structured AlTiN layer improves both wear resistance and heat resistance. The new LCM45M milling grade ensures ultimate economic efficiency of dry and wet milling of stainless and rust-resistant steel varieties at low to medium cutting speeds. The excellent performance of the company is illustrated by the distinction received for a coat patent – it was elected among the top 10 of 3,300 Austrian patents registered in 2012. The innovative LCM45M milling grade is available in a wide range of ISO indexable inserts for milling.