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MB10EDM – Boehlerit complements its range of corrosion-resistant carbide grades for cutting and punching tool construction

The new carbide grade MB10EDM by Boehlerit for the use in cutting and punching tools was especially developed for thin sheet metals, complex geometries and materials that are prone to deposit build-up.

The corrosion-resistant Boehlerit carbide grades MB05 and MB20EDM have been a fixture on the cutting tool and punching tool construction market for many years and are so-called mixed carbides. Compared to traditional carbides, they are up to 80 times less prone to corrosion, while retaining largely identical mechanical properties. The added security of an equally durable carbide surface without micropores, cracks or cobalt leaching makes for a significantly longer tool life while also providing a higher level of protection against chemical damage resulting from cooling lubricant.

To facilitate the selection of the most appropriate carbide grade for the thickness and strength of the punching material, Boehlerit has developed its new grade MB10EDM. “The hardness factors in carbides, i.e. wear resistance and tenacity, offset each other”, says Peter Kammerhofer, Head of Wear Protection and Semi-Finished Products at Boehlerit. “Tenacity and hardness of a carbide should be as balanced as possible, i.e. the product should be as tenacious as required and as hard as possible.”
With a special binder content of 13 percent, a fracture toughness (KIC) of 13.8 and a hardness (HV30) of 1350, the well-known carbide grade MB20EDM covers a wide spectrum of maximum requirements, measured in material thickness and strength, while the MB05 offers the reverse characteristics: a special binder content of 5.8%, a reduced fracture toughness of 8.4 and a high level of hardness (1950).

The new grade MB10EDM is positioned somewhere between the two, with a medium hardness of 1600 and a fracture toughness of 10.7. It is ideally suited for cutting and punching tools that are used for thin metal sheets, parts with complex geometries and for materials that are prone to deposit build-up. For these applications, the grade MB10EDM provides a high level of wear resistance, excellent edge stability and excellent crack resistance for this category.