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Turning Catalogue
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Boehlerit milling catalogue
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Titanium grade BCS10T and super alloy grade BCS20T for successful machining of super alloys

The leading hard metal experts from Boehlerit, Austria, have developed a special carbide grade for the machining of titanium; the tendency for plastic deformation of this grade is small which makes it the perfect choice for titanium that is extremely difficult to machine. The grade ensures a high degree of machining reliability on materials such as Ti – 6Al – 4V or Ti – Al – Sn. Thanks to the innovative, oxidation-resistant plasma CVD TiBN layer of the BCS10T turning grade, cutting speed is increased by 40 % while the service life is extended at the same time.

Boehlerit takes up the challenge of machining all materials that place the most exacting demands on the cutting material. The new turning grade BCS20T with an exceptionally fine-grained carbide substrate and a PVD layer enriched with aluminium has been developed for super alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Waspaloyy. The layer reduces the adhesive bonding tendency, ensures high temperature resistance and extends the service life by up to 30% to 50%. Both the BCS10T turning grade for titanium machining and the BCS20T grade for super alloys are available with the MT chip former ("Mittel Titan") in the most common ISO indexable inserts for medium and light roughing.