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ZETAtec 90N - Roughing without worrying about the cost!

With the ZETAtec 90N, Boehlerit has launched a new roughing tool with a sensationally low cost factor per blade.

The new ZETAtec 90N is all about cost-effectiveness and constitutes the latest addition to the milling programme of Austrian cutting material specialist Boehlerit. A total of six cutting edges maximise productivity while keeping costs low. The high level of process safety and stability for roughing operations is ensured by a negative basic geometry, while an effectively positive chipping angle ensures light cutting. As with all the tools in the Boehlerit milling programme, the construction of the ZETAtec 90N does not compromise on stability. "Developers took into account every smallest detail", says André Feiel, product manager for milling at Boehlerit. The Kapfenberg-based company has gained extensive know-how and expertise over decades spent developing cutting materials and tools, with the ultimate goal of creating benefits for their customers. The ZETAtec 90N is an outstanding solution in particular for users who work with short-chipping materials such as simple steels or casting materials. To ensure versatility, Boehlerit is offering a wide range of cutting inserts for the new milling tool, for instance the PVD-coated BCP25M grade, ideal for milling non-alloyed, alloyed or stainless steel, or BCP35M, a tough, also PVD-coated steel milling grade that is particularly suitable for dry machining at low to medium cutting speeds. The BCM35M grade also deserves a mention – it is suitable for the machining of all materials, from cast materials to steel and even aluminium. "Users looking for a universal grade to use for roughing applications with the ZETAtec 90N will appreciate the BCM35M", says André Feiel. A special advantage of the product lies in the helical and linear infeed, which is possible with the ZETAtec 90N milling tool despite its negative basic geometry. Users who need to keep an eye on costs for their roughing operations and are looking for a cost-effective solution will make the right choice with the Boehlerit ZETAtec 90N!