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Tool life (r)evolution with consistently high quality

Boehlerit, Austrian carbide specialists with a long tradition, have invested a great deal of technical know-how in recent years into developing a customer-focussed and demand-orientated cultivator share that is suitable for Horsch and Bednar equipment.

The tried-and-tested Boehlerit quality of carbide inserts, combined with the long-standing experience of Hammerwerk Kapo who were responsible for the wear parts and forging technology, paved the way for completely new quality standards that ensure increased area output with improved soil cultivation with consistently high quality. The new carbide cultivator shares achieve a significantly higher area output (> 5 times) than the standard steel solution. This product advantage is mostly due to the sophisticated arrangement of the carbide parts in the steel base body. The product relies on the perfect interplay of carbide and the base body that is made of steel, resulting in a consistent quality of soil cultivation throughout the lifespan of the share. Wear part planning may also be optimised, thanks to the visually recognisable wear amount, combined with reduced loss of width and the predictability of the tool lifespan. Loss or breakage of the share may thus be virtually ruled out. Currently, the cultivator share (width: 80mm) is only available for the Horsch, Bednar and the Dickson brands. Other versions (wing shares, 50mm share) are planned for the time after the successful market launch in late 2017. Other novelties for a wide range of applications in the field of agricultural technology are also in the pipeline.