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ETAtec 45P - Face milling made easy

With the ETAtec 45P, Boehlerit is launching a multi-functional tooling system for simplified milling processes.

The Austrian cutting material specialist is extending its milling tool range by adding another product for face milling applications. The ETAtec 45P is a seven-edged face milling cutter with an approach angle of 45 degrees and a positive basic geometry, which ensures that the cutting forces are kept low. This will please in particular those customers who employ low-performance machines with low stability levels. Despite the soft cutting force, a high machining volume is guaranteed. The new Boehlerit face milling system is also suitable for workpieces that may cause instability during milling operations due to their consistency or shape (e.g. projections), also because such workpieces may cause difficulties during clamping. With its low cutting forces, the ETAtec 45P is the ideal choice for situations of this kind. "All these benefits have a direct effect on process safety", says André Feiel, product manager for milling at Boehlerit.

Seven edges mean that the productivity of the ETAtec 45P during face milling is considerable. The uneven spacing of the teeth reduces vibrations and ensures smooth running. The tool system is also multi-functional: the cutting inserts for face milling may simply be exchanged for round inserts, for instance for copy milling. A single carrier tool may thus be used for two frequently required machining techniques. Like all products in the Boehlerit milling programme, the ETAtec 45P was developed using dynamic and static FEM analyses (Finite Element Method) and incorporating the experience and know-how that Boehlerit has accumulated over decades spent developing materials and cutting tools.


The ETAtec 45P is particularly suitable for milling long-chipping materials such as stainless materials, titanium or nickel-base alloys. Users are able to fall back on a wide range of Boehlerit cutting inserts: customers opting for the version with chip shape geometry (type XEMT) can further emphasise the light-cutting effect of the ETAtec 45P. "For rougher jobs, we recommend the version without chip shape geometry (XEMW), which focuses on stability", says André Feiel. Both versions are available in four grades for steels (types BCP20M/BCP25M and BCP30M/BCP35M) and 2 grades for stainless steels or stainless materials (types BCM35M/BCM40M), resulting in a product mix that covers practically any eventualities. Customers from a wide range of industries – from large corporations to SMEs – will be delighted with this latest innovation from Kapfenberg: the ETAtec 45P is the ideal solution for any situation where light milling with low cutting force is required.

Boehlerit has also announced the introduction of two additional holder tools (e.g. end milling cutters) at the EMO in autumn 2017, which will make it possible to use the ETAtec 45P for chamfering. Additional diameter dimensions are also in the pipeline.