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The new Boehlerit material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM – tough and corrosion-resistant

With the new material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM, Kapfenberg-based carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is launching two new grades for cutting and punching tools..

Thanks to their toughness and corrosion resistance, these two new grades perfectly complement the existing grades MB05, MB10EDM and MB20EDM. Tool manufacturers have high standards when it comes to materials: not only must they be tough and hardwearing, but their toughness must also result in a long lifespan. Bearing all this in mind, tool expert Boehlerit has, with MB30EDM and MB40EDM, launched two material grades on the market that offer tool manufacturers highly favourable characteristics. Both have a coarser grain, which increases the fracture toughness of the carbide and minimises the breakout of cutting edges. For instance, the MB30EDM grade has a KIC value of 18.4 with a hardness of 1,250 HV30, while the MB40EDM grade achieves a KIC value of >24 with a hardness of 1,050 HV30. With these ideally balanced features, both materials are suitable for the punching and/or forming of even thick sheet metals that until now had to be worked using tool steels, with only minimal wear. This is entirely in line with the Boehlerit motto of "as tough as necessary, as hard as possible", explains Peter Kammerhofer, head of the wear protection and semi-finished products segment. In addition, both MB30EDM and MB40EDM offer a high level of corrosion resistance. As is the case with the mixed binder grades MB05, MB10EDM and MB20EDM that have long been a fixture of the Boehlerit product range, this corrosion resistance also makes for increased process safety and a longer product lifespan. Accordingly, the grades are highly resistant against corrosive attacks, both during the manufacturing process and during actual use. Boehlerit now has a total of five corrosion-resistant grades in its product portfolio, covering most application requirements that arise with tool manufacturers and making even fine punching and forming a reality. Both materials will be introduced at the Blechexpo, the sheet metal-working trade fair that will take place in Stuttgart from 7 until 10 November, and may be purchased as a block or in a prefabricated form.