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VHM milling programme sets new standards

Boehlerit now offers a full-scale solid-carbide milling programme: with innovative technology and versatility, the Austrian carbide and tool specialist raises the bar for the entire industry, all the way to the most challenging machining applications..

The solid-carbide milling portfolio compiled by the Boehlerit cutting material specialists once more focuses on quality and performance, with a carefully thought-out blanks concept on the one hand and high-grade substrates and coatings on the other. This includes PVD coating as well as solid-carbide milling cutters with diamond coating, used for the machining of materials with a high silicon content. Given this level of versatility, there are virtually no limits to possible applications. For roughing applications with large cutting depths, for instance, the programme includes soft-cutting milling tools that require only little machine capacity. These tools are available in diameters from 3 to 20 mm and stand out for their high performance and long lifespan. In addition, the Styrian material specialists also offer standard solid-carbide milling cutters with a special substrate for machining hard materials of up to 58 HRC. Hardened materials (up to 65 HRC) pose an even greater challenge for tools: with this in mind, the Boehlerit developers have also included highly wear resistant solid-carbide milling tools for tool and mould makers. The solid-carbide range also includes tools for milling softer materials such as aluminium, copper or even plastic. The features shared by all the products of the extensive solid-carbide Boehlerit milling programme are high performance and wear-resistance as well as a long lifespan – in short, all the benefits you would expect from a carbide and tool specialist of Boehlerit's calibre! Furthermore, the company is also able to fulfil individual customer requests swiftly and efficiently.