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Boehlerit milling catalogue
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The new Boehlerit material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM – tough and corrosion-resistant

With the new material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM, Kapfenberg-based carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is launching two new grades for cutting and...[more]

Efficient performance, great value for money

Carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is now launching a range of new helical cutters for a diameter of 20 to 63mm to extend its existing ISO 90P...[more]

VHM milling programme sets new standards

Boehlerit now offers a full-scale solid-carbide milling programme: with innovative technology and versatility, the Austrian carbide and tool...[more]

Precise edge milling with high performance

Boehlerit adds 18 mm cutting edge version to its BETAtec 90P edge milling tool.. Boehlerit, Austrian carbide and tool specialist, has added a...[more]

ETAtec 45P - Face milling made easy

With the ETAtec 45P, Boehlerit is launching a multi-functional tooling system for simplified milling processes. The Austrian cutting material...[more]

ZETAtec 90N - Roughing without worrying about the cost!

With the ZETAtec 90N, Boehlerit has launched a new roughing tool with a sensationally low cost factor per blade. The new ZETAtec 90N is all about...[more]

Tool life (r)evolution with consistently high quality

Boehlerit, Austrian carbide specialists with a long tradition, have invested a great deal of technical know-how in recent years into developing a...[more]

Targeted cooling at the cutting edge

Boehlerit is adding yet another element to its already extensive product portfolio for turning operations: tool holders with connections for an...[more]

Increased performance for turning on state-of-the-art stainless materials

With the new indexable inserts BCM25T and BCM40T, Boehlerit has expanded its ISO turning programme, making optimised indexable inserts available for...[more]

New carbide grade for shank tools used to machine titanium

HB40T, the new carbide grade developed by Boehlerit, provides the perfect combination of toughness and wear-resistance that is needed in the roughing...[more]