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Precise edge milling with high performance

Boehlerit adds 18 mm cutting edge version to its BETAtec 90P edge milling tool..

Boehlerit, Austrian carbide and tool specialist, has added a version for an 18 mm cutting edge length to its BETAtec 90P edge milling tool system. Thanks to the significantly larger insert size, this version is particularly suitable for long 90-degree edges, offering high cutting values and an extremely high precision level. "This version is the logical next step for the BETAtec series, which is already highly successful on the market", states André Feiel, product manager for milling at Boehlerit. “This shows us that customers appreciate the quality and performance of the BETAtec concept." The new BETAtec 90P for 18 mm not only makes for a soft cut, but also comes with technical properties that speak for themselves: a maximum cutting depth of up to 18 mm, in combination with a helix cutting edge, result in maximised productivity when finishing 90° shoulders. The system is suitable for a wide range of materials: cast materials, steel, non-ferrous metals and stainless materials. "Independent of the material to be processed, high performance and a precise 90-degree angle are guaranteed", says André Feiel. Boehlerit offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting material grades to fit the application.